Welcome To &me

Our mission is to simplify volunteering.
  • Onboarding

    Digitally register your volunteers, with your brand. Finally you can remove the spreadsheets, survey forms and paper from the process entirely.

  • Activity Management

    Get your volunteers productive quickly, allow them to see where you need them, when you need them. Communicate about new activities.

  • Check In/Out

    Digital check in/out for your volunteers ensures you know who is where, when, and what they are doing.

  • Feedback & Reporting

    To make the volunteering work count, you can gather the volunteers feedback, and report on the activites performed.

Digital Onboarding

With &me we digitse the data capture for your volunteers, just add a link to your website. You can finally get rid of your PDF forms, emails, surveys and spreadsheets.

  • Add your logo and branding.

  • Customised urls.

  • Digital capture, web or mobile.

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Volunteer Management

With &me you will always be able to track your volunteers impact, verifing their activites, recorded and tracked to completion.

Receive reports from the field (including GPS Locations)

Distribute activities and communicate to volunteers.

Measurement in time and value..

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How does it work?

Capture Volunteers details and get them productive quickly!
  • Volunteer Registration

    Replace your long survey form, or paper based processes with a beautiful digital form, with a customised url (yourname.andme.com.au), add your logo and your volunteers will be at ease registering. Unlike most approaches, we capture the critical contact information early, so we can re-engage the volunteer if they get distracted before completing registration.

  • Volunteer Management

    Imagine all your volunteer data is now in one central, secure, digital database. You can import your list of volunteers, and export your list at any time. You can easily track and review incoming applications, you can approve or reject applicants. Optionally, you can task volunteers to begin training, or providing identity verification while they wait, so they feel engaged and invested.

  • Distribute Activities

    When you need an activity performed, you can easily create one or an entire series of activites. Upload a list of places you want to provide activites, advise the date, time, location and specific instructions for volunteers. You can publish a single activity or an entire series with complex recurring events just like your calendar. Once published your volunteers are notified to signup.

  • Deploy & Track

    When it's time to perform the activity, your volunteers can check in, where we can capture a GPS location for safety. Upon completion your volunteers check out, providing time and location information for reporting. Volunteers can also provide feedback on their volunteering epxerience. All data is available for reporting at all times, ensuring you can see the volume and impact of your volunteers efforts.


Tailor your volunteering with our integrations!
  • Donation Management

    TapTins is a proven donation management platform, offering a range of instore, volunteer held and digital donation solutions. When integrated with &me, your volunteers can become distributed donation collectors using our technology. Couple with Cardinal ID's compliance and BabbleSnap's training capabilities your volunteers will be empowered to help.

  • Identity Compliance

    Cardinal ID offers an extension to &me to facilitate Identity Compliance Checks. The native integration ensures activies which require higher levels of volunteer due dilligence can only be performed by those with current, verified identification. Drivers Licenses, working with childrens checks and more. Ask about enabling this integration to lift your compliance standards.

  • Digital Learning

    BabbleSnap offers a fully digital, mobile friendly learning environment. The native integration into &me ensures your volunteers can undergo digital inductions or specialist training before performing certain activities. Designing the content is simple and intuitive so you can do it yourself, or we can take care of for you. Training for volunteers & lifting your compliance standards.

  • Customisations

    &me is a SaaS product, but we've designed extensibility and customisation as a core part of our offering. With an ever growing number of API's the core platform can be extended and integrated into your organisation. Alongside this, we can build customisations for your unique needs. Contact us to discuss integrations and extensions to suit your needs.

Information for your IT Team

What you need to know about us!
  • 100% Australian

    &me is 100% Australian owned. We are headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Our personelle are onshore, our hosting is onshore, our backups are onshore, your data is onshore and will remain onshore in Australia.

  • Encryption

    All traffic to and from our sites are forced to operate over https, as a result all data is encrypted in transit between your users browser and our infrastructure. All data is encrypted at rest in our databases. Our development team has no access to production data.

  • Hosting

    The application is hosted by Microsoft Azure in Australia. As a cloud native SaaS product, we dynamically scale to meet the demands you place on us. We maintain a 99.9% uptime for our paying customers. We regularly release updates, without affecting availabiltiy.

  • Protocols

    &me adopts an industry leading best practice development approach including the adoption of fully automated deployments and testing. Our approach to support aligns closely with Google SRE (Site Reliability Engineering).